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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Cave

One Day while walking I saw a cave. 
I saw it's opening and decided to look in.

As I looked in I saw that it was dark . I decided to venture in.

While moving slowly in the cave I saw that there were many paths that I could take. As I looked down each path darkness was heavy and thick, which my eyes were beginning to adjust to the darkness that was in this cave.

In the first part it looked as if someone lived there with just the essentials of everyday life.

As I looked farther back I could make out runoffs of the cave into different directions.
One runoff I could make out that it was dangerous to proceed.
Another runoff it was like all wet muddy.

Now here is where it gets interesting another runoff was like all make believe fake not real. Another path was like all made up of lies. This gave me a warning to turn around and get out of there as fast as I could, which I did.

But the more I ran towards the entrance of where I entered the cave it seemed to stay out of reach until I cried, "Dear Lord help me." When I did cry out I was back at the entrance of the cave. I know this all must seem weird reading this but there I was back at the entrance. Then I notice on the outside of the cave there was a sign that read,

'The condition of Mans Heart'.

Wow, what I was seeing in the cave was the condition of mans heart.

I remember God telling us in His word (The Bible) that the heart is deceitful above all things who can know it? As I looked back into the cave I was able to see this individual way in the back of the cave who looked as if he could not see, like he was blind.

I stood there wondering how I could help him. But then I remember another thing God shared with us in His word. That at the entrance of His word it gives light to the simple. Where one can see and come out of ones cave.

I decided to shout into the cave by saying,
"God loves you and Jesus death was for a purpose. That purpose is you can have eternal life in a relationship with him because one working for sin it brings death but Gods power is His gift of eternal life through His Son Jesus which you can receive.

The man was able to walk towards the entrance because he heard Jesus voice in the sharing of God's word.
I came to understand that I was not to enter into ones heart in my strength to help but to allow God in the power of His word to help ones heart see and respond in choice to call upon Jesus to live by his Spirit in a relationship.

Are you lost in the cave of your heart wanting freedom. Well in Christ you can know and experience that freedom because Jesus arose from the dead alive able to make it real to you.